Monday, 1 September 2014

News on all upcomming releases

Split MC with Thulr:

All tapes have been dubbed, we are now waiting for some news from the print office...again.
After they fucked up the first job..I hope this time they will get it right.
The split will be release in the first weeks of September 2014

Split with Euphrasia:

Most of the recordings are done and sounded great.
There are three songs, overall more than 30 minutes of music.
We still working on the layout and the shape of deliverance 

Syrgðr Skógr Album No.4:

The 4th Album will be released on one tape, with an additional packing, in October.
Overall there are more than 70 minutes of cold and grim music.
It will be a milestone for Syrgðr Skógr and the most saturnine release till now

More news to come, everything is in motion!

Thank you!

Nordwin / Syrgðr Skógr
no borders / no nations

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