Monday, 6 January 2014

Update 2014

Syrgðr Skógrs new album is almost complete (7 songs, over 70min) but it has to wait a few more weeks.
The first split recordings for Thulr will start this weekend, and it will be a fantastic release!
Drum recordings for the Syrgðr Skógr song will follow at the end of January, this date is also affirmed.
The second split with Euphrasia is still in the planning phase, but we are really looking forward to this one with anticipation, so expect the hell of a release.
The plans for re-releasing Borke and Wurzala on tape have not been dropped , but I decided that the new stuff has the higher priority.
Finally there will be the first printed Syrgðr Skógr Interview ever.
Don´t miss the next issue of the great German 'Rauhnacht' zine (!
T-shirts and patches will have to wait until the next opportunity, but they are worth waiting for.

Thank you

Syrgðr Skógr